Baby room canvas art

Once upon a time...

...a tiny but fearless boy came into the world.

His name was Leo.

Leo slept next to Mummy and Daddy.

Warm, safe & secure.

Many nights passed. January, February, March.

Leo slept. And dreamt. And grew.

One day, the time had come for Leo to sleep in his own room.

A room that Mummy and Daddy crafted from their imagination...and Pinterest.

A unique room. Just for him.

It was sky blue. With a white cot.

But the room looked sad and bit dull.

Mummy and Daddy Googled and Bingd. Searched and seeked. But no suitable decoration could be found.

So Mummy and Daddy designed a picture, printed it on canvas and placed it on the wall.

Instantly, the room was smiling, the sun came out and the birds started singing.

Most importantly, Leo loved his new bedroom.

From that moment on Leo's Mummy and Daddy knew they had to go on a mission to make happy nurseries around the world.